Special Interview with Petzlife Owner Bud Groth

PetzLife’s Oral Care products have grown to meet the demand brought about by the increased awareness in the
industry of the importance of proper dental care on a pet’s overall health. Competition is good, and the many new products on the market have piqued awareness and benefited PetzLife because our products are
time tested and proven to work. Our oral care products now come in three versions: Oral Care Spray, Oral Care Gel, and Gel with Salmon Oil. In addition, PetzLife now oers a fourounce spray, just like the four-ounce gels—
all with reduced pricing. Our new pump increases the ease of application of the gels, and the Salmon Oil Gel has been designed to be more cat-friendly. And PetzLife is truly going green; our new look bottles are made with recyclable materials.

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