Petzlife est leader en produits de santé bucalle pour animaux domestiques

Enhanced educational programs, improving health and safety and simplifying consumers’ options are key
components driving growth in pet oral care into 2013. Market leaders are churning out oral care products that are easier to use without compromising on quality and safety. “The fun is only beginning and with PetzLife's help, pets will live longer and healthier,” said Bud Groth, owner of PetzLife/VetzLife Products. Developing trends in the pet industry include products oering an easy, quick x, such as treats, Groth said. “I can see at least 10 new companies introducing oral care products of one kind or another,” he said. “But we welcome the competition because it will increase over-all consumer awareness. When they Google or Bing the best oral care product out there, our brand is ranked as one of the best, if not the highest.”...

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